Doreen Whitelock

Doreen Whitelock

About Doreen…
Here’s little background about Doreen Whitelock…

For most of my life I have been an entrepreneur… As a kid it was lemonade,Girl Scout cookies and collecting money for charities like MS and the March of Dimes.

As an adult I owned and operated a financial service company for many years,did public speaking and trained my agents in sales and computer skills.

Then,believing Shakespeare who said “All the world is a stage and we are but the Players” I decided to do something I truly love which is singing and acting.

I trained and worked at this for the last several years and supported myself by teaching local business management and new hires how to use Microsoft products to accomplish what they needed. In other words,I created customized training for each company’s situation.

I love teaching people. I love seeing the light go “ON” when they know they can do what they just learned! So fulfilling for me,and… I got to sing and be on numerous Hollywood sets as well… Attitude being so important,this helped me get through many of my health issues.

Today,it’s time to grow! Yes,today is much like the 1929 era of our country when many were swept away into poverty and loss…But,Remember,that many others found their way to prosperity. I believe now is the time to Grow and build anew!

About “Your Quest For Life”
Radio Show…

My Show is Dedicated to Cultivate Mental,Physical,Spiritual,Financial and Personal Healing and Wellness…

I Am a Believer not a doubter… In the past several years,by the grace of God,I have conquered the big C twice and from early 2008 to present I am finally overcoming a very serious food reaction brought on by soybean products.

During these “getting well”years from 2003 to present I have done a tremendous amount of research and study in the healing arts. I have noticed that many of the same techniques work in all forms of healing,be it Mental,Physical,Spiritual,Financial or Personal.

Personally I have used several forms of energy medicine to get physically well. As that is the important thing because if you are ill you simply won’t be able to the wonderful things you dream of.

I find that our society is too focused on ‘instant symptom masking’instead of finding the true cause. Until we find the cause we cannot cure ourselves only mask the symptoms. This masking does not heal the body temple. We must learn to listen to our bodies to grow strong and well.

I am sharing many of these studies on my BlogTalkRadio Show and personally invite you listen and/or call in Tuesdays at 8pm Pacific that’s 11pm Eastern:www.BlogTalkRadio.com/DoreenWhitelock

Today is a great day to be alive!

Be Well and Do Great Things,
Doreen Whitelock

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