Amazingly Simple &“$$$Cheap”Garden Resources

There are some amazingly simple (Cheap-Maybe Free…) resources to get plants and seeds for your own organic victory garden.  But what should you be looking for? Find out…

Thursday August 11,At 8PM-PST/11PM ET

Great tips:For my gardening enthusiasts,did you know you can grow some of your favorite veggies from the veggies you bought at your local farmers market or grocery store? That’s right! So read on to find out what veggie assets may be hiding in your home…

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And to get started you’ll be glad to know there are Gardening How To’s,Videos &free tips at:

Most important of all,You can do your part to make us all more sustainable by planting your own organic garden,buying organically grown from local farmers or farmers markets.

Remember,If you have Gardening tips you’d like to share with everyone send them to and I will collect and select the best of the best for my show. Again you can read or watch some great gardening ‘how to’s’,videos and free tips learn natural sustainability for you and your family.

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