Can Gardening Heal You?

Of course I believe gardening can and does heal us. I know that my weekend gardening projects were very healing and a huge stress reliever when I was in the corporate world.

So this week I am sharing some very interesting articles that describe the healing properties of gardens… and even some tips on creating your own. They are fascinating,absolutely fascinating!

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Getting well and being well are what we all need to keep growing and living this wonderful thing we call life!

The first article is a fun and interesting from jolly England,telling about the National Health Service,which they call NHS,prescribing Gardening for the blues…–just-grow-peonies.html

The second article comes from:the University of Minnesota their SULIS site:Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series:

Listen and Get yourself gardening! Grow something whether in the yard,in containers or go out and buy some living indoor potted plants and let their life lift yours.

Remember you can find wonderful free gardening tips in video and writing at:

Have a Growing and exhilarating week!

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