Your Quest For Life:Your Choice=Your Life:You Choose!

“How” do you choose to be? You are ultimately in control of one thing-Your mind! Listen to tonight’s show for some quick tips to win Control of your Mind…Thursday October 6th At 8PM-PST/11PM ET […]

Amazingly Simple &“$$$Cheap”Garden Resources

There are some amazingly simple ($$$Cheap) resources to get plants and seeds for your own organic victory garden. But what should you be looking for? Find out… […]

Secret Benefits of Eating Organic

Why should you eat Organic? Could secret additives be making you sick? Let’s face it the toll of eating potentially tainted food for you and those you love is just too high. You can’t put a price on the lives of those who eat it. Don’t wait until someone you know and love gets sick,do something now and go organic. Listen in for some facts that may surprise you… […]

YourQuestForLife! 7 Steps To Empower You for Todays Economy!

YourQuestForLife! 7 Steps to Empower You for today’s Economy. Great insights from guest,Mr. Steve,a free-lance businessman for over 30 years,who has owned and operated an Import-export company,Mortgage company,Financial planning company,General construction company,and with his Doctorate in Law,is often called America’s Legal Analyst… […]

Your Quest For Life! As A Man Thinketh –Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s get mentally ‘in gear’so we can do the things we are here to do for 2011. I narrated a great little book for you this week it is called “As A Man Thinketh.” by James Allen. Listen,read (on my blog) and learn the Power of your mind. […]

Ask and You Will Succeed Formulas for Business &Personal Success

America’s Success Coach,Ken Foster best-selling author of “Ask and You Will Succeed:1001 Extraordinary Questions to Create Life -Changing Results,” Founder of Premier Coaching,” and International Speaker Joins Your Quest for Life Show with Host Doreen Whitelock on Tuesday,October 26th,2010 at 8 p.m. PST/11PM Ken,as a leading authority in the science of human excellence,has an astute understanding of creating sustainable business and personal success. Learn some of his high velocity formulas this Tuesday. […]

Empowering Secrets for the Entrepreneur:Dr. Richard Kaye,Vice President of CEO Space Joins Your Quest for Life Show with Host Doreen Whitelock

“This very exceptional interview with Dr. Richard Kaye,Vice President of CEO Space,renowned Doctor and Entrepreneur as well as an internationally acclaimed lecturer will give you insights and secrets into the world of cooperative business that all entrepreneurs need to know.” Said show host Doreen Whitelock. Listen Live Tuesday October 19th,2010,8 pm Pacific/11 pm Eastern When the show is live call (347) 324-3212 to listen by phone. […]

Your Quest For Life! Glen Depke,Traditional Naturopath,Tells How Enzymes Can Make or Break Your Health

On Your Quest For Life –Listen this Tuesday as we discuss Enzymes and how they can make or break your health with very Special Guest Glen Depke,a renowned Traditional Naturopath. Find out how even a basic knowledge of the role of enzymes in your body can help you get on the road to optimum health. Here’s a very partial list of complaints and illnesses that have be treated by enzyme therapy:Back pain,colds,colitis,constipation,diarrhea,food allergies,gastritis,gout,headaches,hepatitis,hypoglycemia,infections,mucous congestion,multiple sclerosis and that’s just to name a few of them. This Tuesday June 29th,2010 at 8p.m. PST/11p.m. ET […]

Your Quest For Life:As a Man Thinketh &One of Tony Robbins Keys to Thrive &Something To Feed Your Mind-Replay…

Your Quest For Life:As a Man Thinketh –Tony Robbins 1st Key to Thrive Shortly before Thanksgiving I received a Tweet from Tony Robbins…In a nutshell,he wanted to quickly share something real,something simple but something that really worked for him personally as he pulled himself through his toughest times,a quick plan to re-start and thrive… Listen to tonight’s replay show for one of his keys that I personally narrated,i.e. a wonderful Mind Feeding book he mentioned:“As A Man Thinketh”by James Allen,Enjoy! (PDF File is on my blog read along) […]