New Victory Garden Tips:Secrets of Mulching Basics…

Learn the Secrets of Mulching Basics…• Benefits of Mulches • Organic Mulches Versus Inorganic Mulches • General Tips for Applying Mulches […]

Save Family Farms &25 Must Know Gardening Tips

Grow Your Garden and Grow Your Life – Learn New Ways to Become Sustainable.- New Victory Garden Tips with Host Doreen Whitelock

You Remember last week when A VictoryGardenTips friend sent me an article about some ridiculous Labor dept. regulation,that threatened to revoke the government’s approval of safety training by our wonderful independent American groups […]

Replay show:In Honor of the Great Martin Luther King,Jr.

I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King Jr-In honor of the Great Martin Luther King Jr. is the replay of my August 2010 show as we hear Rev. King who speaks from the halls of American History about His Iconic Dream. […]

Doreen &Your Quest For Life! Wish You &Yours a Merry Christmas!

Doreens Christmas Gift to you and yours —Here are the links to my favorite Christmas Shows Featuring the Wonderful Classic Christmas Story …. “A Christmas Carol” Beautifully Narrated by Glenn Holstrom …. […]

Get some Great Fall Gardening Projects and Memories For You and Your Kids

Listen and Get some Great Fall Gardening projects to grow great memories for you and your Kids! […]

“Keep it simple” basic tips to help you nurture and grow your houseplants

Most of us gardening enthusiasts,love the magnificence we see outdoors and truly want to bring this green living beauty into our homes and onto our patios. But how do we do thislisten in for some “Keep it simple” basic tips to help you nurture and grow your houseplants…

Link below takes you […]

Save A Bundle With Your Own Fall Victory Garden

Even though Summer is almost over you can still save a bundle with your own Fall Victory Garden. Victory Gardens are not just for spring or summer! That’s right,it is now time to start your Fall garden read on for some great fall gardening tips… […]

YourQuestForLife:Victory Gardening For Your Health &Wealth

Let’s face it quality Fruit and Veggies can get real expensive,real quick. But with a little time and effort you can have a bountiful garden full of your family’s favorites at a fraction of the cost Listen in learn how… 8pmPST/11pmET Thursdays or on demand after […]

Your Quest For Life-The Final Master Key System Lesson 24

This week we finish Lesson 24 the final lesson from the ‘The Master Key System’ written by Charles Haanel in 1912,one of the first books to give lessons about using the Law of Attraction. […]

Master Your Thoughts-Master Your Destiny-MasterKeySystemLessons14-15

On Your Quest For Life,We learn the Life principles of manifesting your true desires &the consequence of your Thoughts upon your life.Master Key System Lessons 14-15 Thursday,April 28,2011 at 7pm PST/10pm ET… […]