Doreen Whitelocks Victory Gardening Tips:7 Container Garden Tips

Container gardens are wonderful for urban or city dwellers who just don’t have quite enough land to grow a garden. There are so many ways to arrange containers to give that wholesome garden feel even in very small areas.

Here Are Some Tips Discussed in  today’s show:

1  Your Container Garden Plants

2. Timing

3. The Right Containers

4. Visualize or Imagine

5.  Choose What Goes Where –Placement

6. Buying or Gathering the Right Plants and Containers

7. The Right Dirt

PLUS! Bonus Tips

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With a bit of creativity,persistence and a little TLC your container garden will flourish and allow you to enjoy this living beauty in your home,windows and patio. Be sure to look at the many free gardening tips and video how to’s at:

…To help you and your family become sustainable with your own Container Garden as well as your Victory Gardens.

Host:Doreen Whitelock,Be Well and Do Great!

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