Empowering Secrets for the Entrepreneur:Dr. Richard Kaye,Vice President of CEO Space Joins Your Quest for Life Show with Host Doreen Whitelock

Dr. Richard Kaye,Vice President,and faculty member of CEO Space,an Entrepreneur and internationally acclaimed lecturer will appear on BlogTalkRadio’s “Your Quest for Life show” with host Doreen Whitelock on Tuesday,October 19th,2010 at 8 p.m. PST/11PM

This show is welcome news for anyone who is an entrepreneur,has the desire to be one,or who has a dream or business and would like to discover the fastest,shortest,least expensive means to realizing that dream or business and taking it to the next level.


In this exclusive interview you will learn about:

• Creating a powerful business team 
• Achieving greater clarity and vision of your dream 
• Developing a powerful business plan
• Knowing where you can meet Contacts,resources,potential investors and connections which might otherwise take six months to a year to achieve
• How to get Coaching from Fortune 50,100,and 500 trainers
• Networking with successful entrepreneurs
• Being part of a wonderful program endorsed by Tony Robbins,Bob Proctor,Lisa Nichols,Mark Victor Hansen,University of Alabama,and myriad others

Listen Live Tuesday October 19th,2010,8 pm Pacific/11 pm Eastern
Callers are encouraged to call (347) 324-3212 to listen live by phone.
The stream and replay archives are available at: 

Go to tonights DoreenWhitelock Show


“This very exceptional interview with Dr. Richard Kaye,Vice President of CEO Space,renowned Doctor and Entrepreneur as well as an internationally acclaimed lecturer will give you insights and secrets into the world of cooperative business that all entrepreneurs need to know.” Said show host Doreen Whitelock.

I have had the opportunity to look into this organization and they have the expertise of an extreme number of recognized Entrepreneurs,Authors,Speakers,and many more that you know… People like Mark Victor Hansen,Jack Canfield,and Bob Proctor,just to name a few. If you believe that it is time for you or your company to grow check it out.

For More information Dr. Richard Kayes CEO Space Go To:


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Be Well and Do Great Things!

If you miss anything download the replay at:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/DoreenWhitelock

Here you can see and hear what three grads of the Fall CEO Space program have to say about their experience.

To learn more about how you can have these kinds of experiences at CEO Space,for additional information,and to now make the decision to join CEO Space in December,please get in touch with Dr. Richard Kaye,Vice President CEO Space 575.776.1530 rkaye@ceospaceamerica.com

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