Laughter the Happy &Free Healer! Enjoy!

Tonight’s guest is one of the funniest of the 20th century.

Red Skelton

Laughter has the power to heal,restore us mentally,physically,spiritually and personally.

Being able to laugh easily and frequently is a terrific resource for overcoming stressful situations &daily challenges,while supporting both your emotional and physical health.

Did you know laughter has been said to…

Add enjoyment and passion to life

Ease angst and fear

Relieve stress

Improve your frame of mind

Reinforce your strength of mind

Boost your immune system

Lessen pain

Even been said to prevent heart disease

Laughter just makes you feel good. And that good feeling remains with you even after the laughter subsides not to mention that you can remember this good feeling and bring it back whenever you need it.

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