Real World Change and the Power of One Person

Tonight:Real World Change and the Power of One Person:Did you know that October 31st is the anniversary of reformation the day the world began digging out of the dark ages? It was a time of relatively no religious freedoms at all. A time when only the government was allowed to read the Bible as well as the only ones thought to be able to talk to the Supreme Being of the universe. This is what world history tells us….

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Too often we think that our individual lives are just too little to accomplish great things… But history has shown that this is simply is not true.

Over and over again people like Mother Teresa,Gandhi,and centuries ago in the 1500’s Martin Luther people have proved that one dedicated person can indeed do great things and literally change the whole world. Tonight we learn about the man behind Reformation Day and the Reformation which led to the enlightenment of the world,namely:Martin Luther.

FYI:Martin Luther’s story so impressed the Father of Martin Luther King that he changed his name and his son’s to “Martin Luther”King Today we know his Famous Son as Martin Luther King Jr. another Great Man who changed the world for the better!

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