Save Family Farms &25 Must Know Gardening Tips

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You Remember last week when A VictoryGardenTips friend sent me an article about some ridiculous Labor dept. regulation,that threatened to revoke the government’s approval of safety training by our wonderful independent American groups like 4-H and FFA and replace them with Government training…  You Spoke out and They Canceled it!

Congratulations and Thank-you,YOU DID IT–and They Listened.

You protected our Kids,our Farms and our Freedoms.
Again I believe in YOU and now so do they! Keep it up!
Now back to some gardening tips for Kids and Grownups… Today we share …

Save Family Farms &25 Must Know Gardening Tips

Listen Thursday May 10,2012

8 pm Pacific/11 pm Eastern

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One way we can Help Save Our Farms:
Buy from Local Farmers Markets

Local Harvest is America’s #1 organic and local food website.

They maintain a reliable “living”public nationwide directory

of small farms,and farmers markets….

So do your part and check it out at:

Here’s the Link to a Great Article from Better Homes&Garden:

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