Snap Out Of It! Renee Heimerman’s Depression Busting Program

I realize many are struggling with the issue of depression,especially with all that has happened the last few weeks. So I am replaying this wonderful show on how you can overcome depression and lead the wonderful life you are created to live. Renee Heimerman,Author,Speaker and Life Coach, on BlogTalkRadio’s show “Your Quest for Life” with host Doreen Whitelock on Thursday’s Special Request Replay of “ Snap Out Of It!” Renee Heimerman’s Depression Busting Program Thursday March 24,2011,7 pm Pacific/10 pm Eastern 

 Listen to Renee and learn how she overcame a more than 30 year battle with depression. find out how she went from feeling lonely,unsuccessful &un-energized to becoming a happy,fulfilled and energetic woman. She reveals simple steps that may actually save YOUR life. 

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This show is a must listen for anyone who is ready to triumph over depression and start Living a Healthy,Happy and Fulfilling Life” said Doreen Whitelock,host of the program. “This very special interview with,Author,Speaker and Life Coach,Renee Heimerman will give guidance from her powerful,but thankfully simple program which is full of action steps to help you have victory over your battle of depression.” This interview will reveal some of Renee Heimerman’s wonderfully practical,simple but effective tools to help you “Snap Out Of It” that is,triumph over depression,and live the life you are meant to live! Don’t miss it!

Listen this Thursday March 24,2011,7 pm Pacific/10 pm Eastern
Go to tonights DoreenWhitelock Show 

An archive will be available at the same link immediately following the show or listeners can subscribe to the archives via the RSS feed located on the host page.  

SnapOut Of It Renee Heimermans New Depression Busting Program

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Renee Heimerman

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