Your Quest For Life with Doreen Whitelock:As A Man Thinketh Part 1 of 2…

Your Quest For Life with Doreen Whitelock Presents:30 well spent minutes Getting Ready for the New Year! Listen to:As A Man Thinketh Part 1 of 2…[…]

YourQuestForLife:Time to Give Thanks pt 2

What are YOU thankful for? Join us on demand at: […]

YourQuestForLife:A Time to Give Thanks

What are YOU thankful for? Join us Tonight 8pm PST/11pm ET live at: […]

Real World Change and the Power of One Person –Pt. 2

Listen to Pt 2 of Martin Luther’s story which so impressed the Father of Martin Luther King,Jr that he changed his name and his son’s to “Martin Luther”King- Today we know his Famous Son as Martin Luther King Jr. another Great Man who changed the world for the better! Listen tonight…[…]

Laughter the Happy &Free Healer! Enjoy!

Laughter is the best medicine and tonight’s show is simply to make you laugh! Laughter is a powerful remedy to stress,pain,and even sadness. Nothing works faster or is more reliable to balance your mind and body than a good laugh. Yes,laughter inspires hopes,keeps you grounded,helps you to re-focus and move forward to your purpose in life you know doing the things you are here to do. 8pm PST/11pm ET Enjoy! […]

Your Quest For Life:As A Man Thinketh-Insights Part 3

Listen to some important insights from this little book that I believe you will find as intriguing and life changing as I have. Now on Demand…[…]

YourQuestForLife with Doreen Whitelock-As a Man Thinketh-Pt1

It’s a new season and I believe it is always important to focus the mind on good things,especially as we head into the holidays So you may notice that I feature the little book ‘As a Man Thinketh’ throughout the year to help us do just that. I hope it inspires you […]

Get some Great Fall Gardening Projects and Memories For You and Your Kids

Listen and Get some Great Fall Gardening projects to grow great memories for you and your Kids! […]

Your Quest For Life:Garden Designing Basics to Save You Time and $$$

Garden designing is a big undertaking,and can use up a great deal of time and money. Listen in for tips that can save you both time and money…[…]

Save A Bundle With Your Own Fall Victory Garden

Even though Summer is almost over you can still save a bundle with your own Fall Victory Garden. Victory Gardens are not just for spring or summer! That’s right,it is now time to start your Fall garden read on for some great fall gardening tips… […]