10 Wonderful Plants That Hummingbirds Love…


Growing some beautiful flowering plants can attract hummingbirds which are a symbol of Hope,a delight to the eyes and help protect your garden from pests without chemicals. Win,Win,Win…[…]

Organic Garden Essentials From the Editor of Organic Gardening


Learn Organic Garden essentials From the editor of Organic Gardening…[…]

Trade Your Garden Seeds –Start a Seed Swap in Your Community…

Seed swapping is a great way to get rid of some of your extra seeds and get something new to grow — all for free! It’s also fun to talk with other Gardeners and get some growing tips. Learn some tips on how it works…[…]

Victory Garden Tips for Growing Your Very Own Butterfly Garden

Grow Your Own Butterfly Garden:Butterflies are actually much more than just beautiful they are also great pollinators. Like bees they help flowering plants to flourish. So,growing your very own Butterfly garden can be beneficial as well as beautiful. In This Show Learn 5 Butterfly Garden Tips:[…]

Doreen Whitelocks Victory Gardening Tips:7 Container Garden Tips

Container gardens are wonderful for urban or city dwellers who just don’t have quite enough land to grow a garden. There are so many ways to arrange containers to give that wholesome garden feel even in very small areas. […]

Secret Benefits of Eating Organic

Why should you eat Organic? Could secret additives be making you sick? Let’s face it the toll of eating potentially tainted food for you and those you love is just too high. You can’t put a price on the lives of those who eat it. Don’t wait until someone you know and love gets sick,do something now and go organic. Listen in for some facts that may surprise you… […]

YourQuestForLife:Victory Gardening For Your Health &Wealth

Let’s face it quality Fruit and Veggies can get real expensive,real quick. But with a little time and effort you can have a bountiful garden full of your family’s favorites at a fraction of the cost Listen in learn how… 8pmPST/11pmET Thursdays or on demand after […]

Three More Tips to Organic Pest Control For Your Garden

Three More Tips to Organic Pest Control For Your Garden,tonight’s show includes a special recipe for a Homemade Organic Insecticidal Soap and…8pmPST/11pmET Thursdays…[…]