Replay show:In Honor of the Great Martin Luther King,Jr.

I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King Jr-In honor of the Great Martin Luther King Jr. is the replay of my August 2010 show as we hear Rev. King who speaks from the halls of American History about His Iconic Dream. […]

Your Quest For Life:As A Man Thinketh-Insights Part 3

Tonight listen to some important insights from this little book that I believe you will find as intriguing and life changing as I have. Thursday September 29th,2011- At 8PM-PST/11PM-ET […]

YourQuestForLife Doreen Whitelock –As A Man Thinketh Part 2

Listen to:‘As a Man Thinketh’ and get ready for the holidays –this week is part two…I hope it inspires you… Thursday September 22,2011At 8PM-PST/11PM-ET […]

The Dream! Martin Luther King,Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

“I originally aired this last August because August 28th was the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King,Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech!” “It is a wonderful speech that we need to remember. So in honor of Martin Luther King Day I am sharing it with you again this week…” said show host Doreen Whitelock. […]