Victory Garden Tips for Growing Your Very Own Butterfly Garden

Grow Your Own Butterfly Garden –Tips:

Butterflies are such beautiful creatures and a joy to watch;to me they are like flying flowers that bring whimsy to your gardens. But they are actually much more than just beautiful they are also great pollinators. Like bees they help flowering plants to flourish. So,growing your very own Butterfly garden can be beneficial as well as beautiful.

In This Show Learn 5 Butterfly Garden Tips:

1. The size of your Butterfly garden

2. The types of local and native plants and flowers that attract Butterflies

3. Nectar plants and Host Plants

4. The importance of knowing the Butterflies native to your area.

5. Puddles and Sun:Making the habitat for your new Butterfly friends

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So,with just a bit of creativity,persistence and TLC your butterfly garden will flourish and give you living beauty in your very own backyard.

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…To help you and your family become sustainable with your own Container Garden as well as your Victory Gardens.

Host:Doreen Whitelock,Be Well and Do Great!

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