Your Quest For Life Show ‘As a Man Thinketh’ Replay

  Today I celebrate the 6th anniversary of being Free of the Big “C”,for which I am so thankful to be alive and well. Sadly this week,my dear Dad who I love so very much passed away.  It was a long illness and I miss him terribly,but know that as he believed in Jesus Christ,my Dad is now absent from his earthly body and face to face with the Lord.  I know I will see him again as he is now part of the realm of eternity surrounded by God’s unfailing Love and in God’s abundant eternal happiness.

It is always important to focus the mind on good things so Tonight’s show will feature ‘As a Man Thinketh’,I hope it inspires you. As always I believe in you be well and do great things…

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 PDF File:  As A Man Thinketh”by James Allen 

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