Your Quest For Life-The Final Master Key System Lesson 24

On Your Quest For Life –We learn about the power of your mind,that your very ability to think is your ability to change your life,your wealth,your health your circumstances …
This week we finish Lesson 24 the final lesson from the ‘The Master Key System’ written by Charles Haanel in 1912,one of the first books to give lessons about using the Law of Attraction.
Charles Haanel’s Master Key System is vital for anyone who truly wants to Learn how to personally use what has been called the “The Law of Attraction” and learn to attract into their lives their aspirations and dreams. Whether it be health,wealth,happiness,or other good things.
For me there is only Master of the Universe and that is God and He is my strength…but the principles contained in this book,just like the law of gravity,do work.
Personally for the past years I have used this book to get physically well how? This book helped me regain my ability to focus clearly so I could visualize myself well again. And today thank God I am Well.
Today,it’s time to open new doors,new opportunities… I hope you have enjoyed these freely given lessons.

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‘Til then be well and do great things….:) . ..

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